July 03, 2011

Missing a friend "Chingee"

We miss Chingee ^_^

Hazelaine Suezo a.k.a Chingee (mostly by friends), Chik (for Nico) and Chai (for me). 

My first impression of her: Ang arte! ma.make up! sobra! whenever there's a  chance, (mind you, even during in the middle of the class or exams) nagrretouch! imagine that?.. haha. But whatever..she can still managed to smile kahit napapagalitan na, which makes her annoyingly awesome. haha! 

My impression later: tiresome yet lovable. She's someone who never gets tired of smiling and laughing no matter how much pain she's carrying. Mind you again, no  matter how maarte she is, she can eat anything from the cheapest to the most expensive food and can easily get along with people really well. Even though she's very loquacious, we still love her and we missed her so much now that she studied away from us. We hope she'll do good this time. haha! 

Anyway, last time we went to watch TRANSFORMERS, I mean, before we watched the movie, we ate first at Greenwich and made this video. ^_^ enjoy!

-greetings from everyone Chingee ^_^ and take care of yourself always. keep in touch and do well in your studies (this time). hehe! looking forward to see you again. ^_^ mwuah!
And don't forget to update us with you life, aye aye?! okay! ciao!!!

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