August 03, 2011

Sleepy Wednesday

Beware of Misconceptions.Ü *MERELY*JÜST4FÜN*

Hey everyone! How are you all doing? lol
Anyway, I'm bored. It's 9:37am on the clock and just another 26mins and I'm out of here. School stuff! panira ng mood! lol 
Last night I was browsing my High School year book and I felt a little bit excited. Finally! got something to post later-our high school top honors ^_^
Like in my post here you'll get to see them 9 years after our graduation ^_^
hush hush ^_^ Let's see what happen to them.

As for now, school school school. :((


  1. That is really cool! I always get excited to see some of my older friends ^^ School is always fun

  2. You should pick up smoking. Killing those 20 min taking a cigarette is so easy. And relaxing. It might kill you on the other hand, but that's a small price to pay to get rid of boredom

  3. Don't do the smoking!!


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