August 15, 2011


Beware of Misconceptions.Ü *MERELY*JÜST4FÜN*

49 days is a South Korean television series being showed in the Philippines for quite a while now with it's alternative name PURE LOVE.

I have been watching this drama for days now (I'm still on the 13th episode), not on TV, but in DVD.

I will go with a simple synopsis only.

This is a story about a young girl named Dianne Shin, a free spirit young lady whose life seems to be perfect. She has a parents who adore her and friends who admire her. She's engaged and set to marry her fiance Min-Ho in just a few days before she got into a traffic accident due to a suicidal named Ysabelle Song (who works at a convenient store) and was pronounced to be in a vegetative state. She realized she's already a soul after she met the reaper a.k.a the "scheduler" and give her a chance to live again under some terms. 

-In order to live again, she must fill the necklace given by the reaper with pure tears shed by those three people who truly love her (excluding a family member). To do that, she was advise to use the body of Ysabelle "only" when Ysabelle is sleeping. Once someone will noticed that she's Dianne living in Ysabelle's body, the agreement will be useless and she'll lost the chance of living again. 

For the next 49 days, she gets a job at a restaurant owned by Raymond, her friend in high school. Later, she remembered what happened before the accident-she saw her best friend and her fiance sitting intimately together in a car and came to her senses about their betrayal. And her quest begin as she realized that it will not be easy for her to find those tears knowing now that the two persons she loves the most (who she thought will help her revive) cheated on her..

Synopsis courtesy of Wikipedia: click here if you wanna read more:)

It made me think. What if it happens for real?

What if, one day I will die and poof! a reaper will appear next to me and will give me a chance to live again under those terms?

I know I have friends. Got plenty of them actually. But the question is. Who will shed a pure tear for me out of those people I call my friends? What if they will cry only for sympathy? or worse, what if they won't even cry for me for the reason that they don't want to ruin their mascara, their make up or whatever?

ha! gosh!

Does it mean, chances are for people only who were able to lived a life full of love and kindness and not to mean people like me? Yeah, I was never, I mean, rather, I am not the kind of person who's nice, considerate and lovable. I'm demanding, impatient, stubborn stupid, vengeful and name it! If it's true means?

Whoa. Even at the other side of the world it's still unfair =((


But anyway, it's just a fantasy :) I don't need to worry, do I? 


-end of drama tonight-



  1. I like Japanese drama, but I've not watched any Korean ones before, I might have to look into it.

  2. the story sounds nice, but i wouldn't want to think to much about life after death and what will my friends do or say if i died. it's too sad.

    jos xx

  3. Your blog is probably the one I enjoy reading the most. Just because you're so pure and happy all the time. Keep it up miss Yang

  4. hilakan tika pirmi mai, pero akong luha naay sagol alcohol.. nyahahahah :D

  5. siguro sa channel 2 ito hahaha Kapuso kasi nanay ko at hindi ko malipat ang TV pagsya na nanunuod as in hahaha

  6. Hi there I'm back hehe
    pasensya na sa istorbo
    can i ask for your comment about my entry
    thank you so much
    hope to see you there

  7. Hi there Mai, sounds interesting nga. Pero di ako masyado sa series. Haha. May marerecommend ka ba dyang K movies? :) Thanks!

  8. Sounds like a really cool show. I've watched Dream High and a couple other K-Dramas. I'll have to see if I can't find a stream of this with english subtitles.

  9. Well my girlfriend cries at movies all the time so how hard could it be? :P

  10. I don't think you'll need to dont!

  11. What an awesome blog title!

    Check out my math blog.

  12. Sounds like an interesting premise but I don't know if I'll pick up another K-drama after Couple or Trouble.


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