June 02, 2012

Picture/s of Me 10 Years Ago :D

Up for another photo challenge! 

Some of you may have seen this photo already but what I still have this challenge and no matter how much I wanna skip this part, I can't.  :( So, I'm sharing this again..Oh! I'm ashamed. HAHA

..I don't think I changed that much, don't you agree? I didn't even grow up! HAHA! I was thin then and still thin now :)

oh. I'm just so glad I uploaded these just before the original went missing (and probably damaged) during the  flash flood :D

Have a nice weekend ahead everyone! ^_^


  1. I'm glad you were able to save that picture :) You looked cute then :) Still do now too :P

  2. You definitely are looking cute in these photos Mai haha, you haven't changed too much, the only thing is you've got a bit older I guess.

  3. Asians stay young for a long time. This is good. (O_O)-b

  4. I can't believe how much you still look the same. You age well ate Mai. :D

  5. wow! you're actually blessed to be thin up to now!! you have fast metabolism! :)

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  6. aww, you're so cute when you're 13... nice outfit, huh! hehe... you still cute parin nman until now, hehe! by the way, pls.Join my Birthday Giveaway. Your Prize-Your Choice.
    try mo lng, sis! lol!

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  7. goodness, that's a blast from the past eh?

  8. hindi pala nakapagtataka na maganda ka ngayon dahil noong bata ka pa maganda ka....

  9. Wala kang dapat ikahiya! You're a pretty girl! ヅ

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  10. hahaha! kita sa face mo that it's really you. :) at 16, you looked really young pa tlga


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