June 04, 2012

Top Five Names You Wish Were Yours and Birthday Giveaway (Blog It)

First thing first, gorgeous Julie Ann of It's A Girl Thing is having her birthday giveaway, though I already decided not to (but I actually want to, I just don't feel like I'm lucky enough to win that thing) but she kinda said I should give it a try, so, that's why I'm doing it-fingers crossed :) The giveaway will last until the 6th of June, so ladies and gentlemen, if you wish to join, please do, you still have like 2 days to do it. 

take a look (screen shots) O_O
 Goodluck!!! ^_^

Back to my challenge today..

TOP 5 NAMES I WISH WERE MINE (I somehow shared it with Mark already and I'm trying to look for that names but I can't remember anymore which posts did I place my comment with these names)
  1.  Samantha
  2. Alexandra
  3. Gabrielle 
  4. Elizabeth
  5. Meg/Mheg 
that's it :D 

How about you lovies? What's your top 5 names you wish were yours? :D 


  1. i, too, wished to have these names:

    1. Alexa
    2. Caroline
    3. Kristine
    4. Denise
    5. Naomi

    hi there. ^_^

  2. I'm fairly happy with my name. :P

  3. Will check her blog out.

  4. Me too! I'll check out her blog.

    Mine would be:
    1. Samantha - my nickname would be Sam! :)
    2. Katherine - I just think girls named Katherine are smart!
    3. Isabelle - I wanna be called Belly, or Belle. :)
    4. Emanuelle - I wanna be called Eman, to confuse the boys.
    5. April - it's a pretty name. I like it.

    1. wait! Gusto ko din ng Ysbelle :D (iba'ng spelling lang. hehe

  5. Good luck with the giveaway :) I won one once, any one can! Those are all very pretty names too :) If I had to pick five names I could live with (I've posted about how happy I am with Mark) then I would pick, in no particular order,

    1. Caleb
    2. Angelo
    3. Sebastian
    4. Alexander (the male form of Alexandria :) )
    5. Matthias

    If I have a son, and I get to pick the name, it's going to be either Caleb or Angelo I think.

  6. i love your picks!!

    mine would be:

    just because i find these names too girly :D

  7. I'd love to have...
    1. Flavia
    2. Electra
    3. Lily
    4. Kat (or Katerina)
    5. Blair

    Good luck with the giveaway :) x

  8. This is such a great list Mai, if I could change my name I would definitely change it to Heath like in my email, I'm obsessed with the name.

  9. awesome lists you have there commenters :D

    I'm so glad for sharing yours too :)

  10. I noticed all the names you chose are names of queens and princesses.

    Can't think of a name that I would want for myself though. I'm too obsessed with my own name. :) hehehe. pang.lalake kasi.

    by the way, I have a blog give-away, you might want to join.

  11. good luck on the giveawayyyy, Mai! :):):)

    I always love Samantha. mine would be:
    1. Adam
    2. Herschel
    3. Yariv
    4. Adelhard
    5. Frodo :P

    It's very hard to decide beside the first one though. It's due to the fact that I love my actual name LOL

  12. oh, thanks for blogging about it, mai! you're now qualified for 4 entries... wish you luck! my fave names are:

    1. Selena - i love selena gomez
    2. Stacey - i love that name eversince, that's why i named my daughter stacey audrey
    3. Anastasia - it's cute
    4. Strawberry - my favorite fruit
    5. Nicole - very girly

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  13. Interesting post...my parents were thinking to name me sandra but it became bessie. I'd like to select Isabelle or Vivianne as my first name if I could pick.

  14. I love my name. The Veronica part. I'd rather not state my second name. :P Hahaha.

    The top 5 names I wish were mine are:
    1.)Georgina - it sounds so classy and stuff
    2.)Victoria - once again, it sounds classy and expensive
    3.)Madison - I don't know, it's cute. :)
    4.)Sofia - I just love it
    5.)Samantha - When I hear this name, I get reminded of pretty girls. Haha.

    @your comment pala, Sure ako na puro tukso ang abot ko pag ginawang tarpaulin yung picture. Lalo na pag sa gate nilagay. Di na siguro ako dadaan dun. Hahaha.


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