February 28, 2012

My Boy-Friend's Girlfriend

I understand my last post: Message That left Me Hanging has raised a lot of confusions to everyone. I missed some details that leads to false assumptions and for that, my apology. To clear this out, I'd like to say that his gf is out of the picture. He really was the one who sent that message. He did it for some reasons that I swear has nothing to do with any romantic feelings. He thought it's for the best. I'd rather not go into details but rest assured he has no intentions of confounding me neither hurt me in anyways. He made his explanations but as much as I wanna share it to you, I think I would just keep it to myself, as the saying goes "some words are better left unsaid (as for me to you)" lol. Sorry if I have to keep you off from the details (I know, I owe you that one) but I think, I will just do what I was told to do. "Not to contact him in anyway anymore"

For what it's worth, I'd like to say thank you for all your honest opinions. Guys! You're truly the best!

Precautions: I posted a photo to show that this upcoming topic is sort of relevant to my previous post (but it's not connected somehow), so as not to screw things up. This post was composed last week but I was out of words and I kept editing it, changing and stuff and then finally decided to published just now. So, please don't think too much. ^_^

I'm a spoiled brat. I admit. I'm guilty of that. In my circle of friends (the other set; with guys) I used to be pampered. I am the princess, the only girl, the youngest, the star. All ears and eyes are on me. I don't need to clamor for attention. I have their attention. I used to be the apple of their eyes...

..and then she came along.

The Girlfriend
Girlfriend is defined to be "female acquaintance or romantic companion" compared to a friend with only one adjective-companion.

You know that feeling when one of your friends get romantically involved with another person? The feeling that you're left alone.





You feel like you are being abandoned and that you are companionless. When they start being unavailable with you and your drama issues? When things start to change because of her. All you just wanted to do is to choke that girlfriend to death! *I'm KIDDING* lols

The Story 

(My boy-friend and I)

I have a friend, a close friend, a guy. We spend time together all the time. He was the best. Until one day, things changed. I seldom see him around the campus. He starts avoiding me. He ignore my calls and he doesn't reply to my messages anymore. It's strange. He isn't the type. He knows I hate being ignored. It pisses me off. He knows I'll get mad. He knows it. But he didn't mind. So I confronted him the first chance I got. And then he said, it was his girlfriend who told him not to see me again. He didn't wanna argue with her that's why he did it. It was a foolish idea, I thought. I would never do that to my boyfriend. It's unfair. Besides, it's his friends. I am his friend. I wouldn't asked him to desert all his friends for me. I mean, c'mon! She should be more considerate, not to mention the fact that I met him first before she did. Right? 

So to avoid complications, I gave way (for him). I tried to befriend her (his gf) but she's too classy and well, maybe, she really didn't like me (that's why). She thinks I'm flirt! That I'm flirting with his boyfriend. She thinks I'm a threat. Jeez! Get a life girl. I mean, whatever..

(My ex-boyfriend and I) 

This is funny. The reason I included this one in my story it was because I recently had a talk with him (my x, you'll get to know him in my next post). He's currently working abroad. We seldom talk because his gf deleted me in his facebook account which by the way I find very very annoying yet entertaining at the same time. Annoying because I'll be outdated with his life, like I care that much? but after we broke up (which turned out we didn't) we still wanna be updated with each others life of course. You know, to see how things work out for us after the separation. Who moved on first and blah blah? haha..To make fun of each others update and stuff like that. Just like that. Just to bug each other. Nothing else.

 So what happen now, we'd chat thru skype/ym without his gf's knowledge.

So my point is, gf's! please, don't be such a bitch. Not because I am your bf's xgirlfriend doesn't mean your bf and I can't be friends anymore. Okay? If you'll do that more often, you'll just push him to the edge. See what happen now? We still keep in touch without you knowing it because he's afraid you might freak out again! That's what you get if you'll let your jealousy win. Enough already. Just be cautious. You don't need to be mean or you don't need him to make a choice between you and me. Of course, I wouldn't mind if he'll choose you over me, that's alright. But let's not complicate things. We need friends. Let's not deprive our partners with that. Let's respect each others boundary especially if you know very well that "romance" is totally out of the picture. Well, not unless if you're not confident you could keep him still with me around, huh?.. *evil grin*

So here's for you ladies.."there must be a reason why your boyfriend isn't mine or isn't hers" okay? so, chill out! There's no way I'm gonna rob your boyfriend, okay? If ever, you think, I will. Then stop me. Let's have a girl-girl talk. May the best girl win =))

Alright, lastly..

Trust him. Don't let your jealousy rule over you, or it will eat you piece by piece and will leave with nothing but every piece of it-torn apart.


  1. Hm, feels like boyfriends are like commodities...

  2. @DWei
    hehe..what makes you think that? =p

  3. well well well personally I don't mind if my boyfriend's still friends with his ex. But that's because he is such a trustworthy person. It probably depends on the guy. If lets say I'm dating somebody who has a reputation for being unfaithful. Then I would be all paranoid and jealous. But then again I wouldn't date a guy like that in the first place.

  4. @Ile Odarod
    couldn't agree for more =))

  5. This is pretty close to me right now too. It sucks. A guy told his girlfriend not to talk to me, but she still did. Then I screwed absolutely everything up and lost a good friend. She shouldn't let her jealousy deprive him of a friend, or anyone. Even an ex. If she's so worried that you'll "steal" him back then she can just try harder to keep him. It's a sign she thinks she can't do enough and she's scared of losing him, if that's the case then she should talk to him, or you. Or just try to do more or be more.

    If that makes any sense.

    Either way it's a shame this happened, but it's good you love him enough to respect his wishes, and I wish myself that it didn't come down to this. I think if he's that good a friend you shouldn't give up on him.

  6. great blog.

    I will be really happy, if you follow my blog. I will always follow yours back;)


  7. I wouldn't feel too bad about having that attention, everybody wants attention deep down inside Mai. Great post, I'm glad to hear you got things sorted out with the guy, to an extent anyway at least.

  8. @Mark
    you always have good thoughts to share and I'm grateful with that :D
    I hope everything will work out just fine with you also.

    Matty! yeah, yeah..good to know you have my side.

  9. Don't let him get to you! When a guy has a GF don't try to befriend either him or her...it just never works out well...

  10. I am following you now, but ı cant see your name at my GFC list, could you please check whether you are my follower?

  11. nice article friend...missed when his friend to accompany

  12. awww... don't know what to say now... hehe! maybe i'm sleepy... just wishing you the best...reading your blog make me know you better. :)

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  13. I... So much text about drama. It's like reading a twilight movie, but with a better love story

  14. the ex factor is weird especially if they've been having sex. It is really (really really) easy to start doing it again (only now it's more naughty and fun)

  15. Ah jealousy. I'm glad I haven't really felt that emotion much. It's a bad taste.

  16. Did you try to slap her?
    It's not gonna make up anything. But feels good.


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