February 26, 2012

Message That Left Me Hanging!

I don't have issues with people telling me that, but I think I deserve an explanation why in the world they want me out of their life all of the sudden. Right? I mean, what did I ever do to be in this situation? I kept asking myself that question that very moment I got his text. I was stunned. I froze myself wondering why he said that, why he sent that message. Why oh Why?

I can't think of anything or anything at all that will make him say that no matter how hard I try to recall things between us. The last thing I remember was, he would call on in the middle of my sleep (around 2am or 3am-that's morning already) and I was concerned about that. I was worried that something might had happen. If his okay or what since I never answered any of his calls just those times. Until we finally spoke, he said he dreamed of me and that woke him up and that's the reason he called. And that's it. We had a nice a conversation. He even told me he didn't know what to give me during graduation. I was surprised, really. I never thought he'd thought about that.


We never spoke for a while, no exchange messages, no phone calls, no chats, although, I've been such a nuisance with him sending him 'pm' in facebook because I wanted to put him in my resume as one my references, and I was asking what's his title but he never replied in any of those. That really confuses me. But I thought, maybe he's just busy or something. So, I let it go. 

And then one day, I got his text saying that I should not contact him anymore or in anyway which startled me until now. I don't know what to say, my reply was "ok" and then later, I asked.."Why?" but nothing, I got nothing. I don't know what happen. I don't know what to think or whatever. I then finally find myself blocking him in my facebook account thinking it's the best thing to do. 

I did the right thing, did I? I mean, what kind of friend would do that? What could be his reasons? I want to know what, why, how? oh! I'm gonna die thinking about that! Sucks. 

By the way, in case you're wondering. He's my friend, I mean, I guess? We're close. We share things, gossips and we've known each other for a while now. We're okay. He has a girlfriend by the way but I don't think it has something to do with his action. I don't know what changed him. I don't know what made him do that. He has his reasons, I know, but what could it be? Oh! kill me now!!! 

 If it was you guys? what could be your reasons?


  1. It's easier to just not care. If they don't want you fuck 'em

  2. occam's razor - it probably is the girlfriend, unless you know the girlfriend personally.

    anyhow, just try to reach out one more time just to say that you are still his friend and then just let things be, sooner or later he will come to his senses.

  3. @convictus yeah. fuck 'em. but, sad..I can't just tell them that :(

    @Lady Stapler
    hmm, I don't think it's his gf. I don't know his gf personally but I think it's not her and I don't she's the jealous type either. whatever his reasons, I still wanna know. ^_^ yeah, sure soon (I HOPE) he'll come into his sense. But I'm not mad at him or anything. thanks for stopping by anyway! ^_^

  4. Obviously, based from what I read - he has "something" towards you and since he already have a girlfriend, he's trying to avoid you for good. I suggest you leave him alone for some time. He'll get back to you if he really likes/loves you.

  5. Well the last time someone said they didn't want to talk to me it was because of why I'm feeling so crappy now. I would want to know his reasons too and I'd be bugging him to tell me or going crazy about it like you are. If I had to guess any reason it would be the gf, or he's just confused by something. I'd hazard that he has feelings for you and doesn't want to confront them given how he used to act but you said you went a while where you didn't talk. If that happened then it's also not likely to be his gf. I think he might just be going through a rough patch, I hope that's just it, and eventually he'll come around. If not you can always pester him some more or hunt him down.

  6. @Otakore Literantadodist
    you think so? hmm..

    hunt him down would such a bad idea. haha..he went somewhere far for work. I don't think I have all the luxury to follow him there. hehe..I'm still hoping it's not his gf or I'll be so damn about it because I really like her gf for him..T_T It wouldn't be so good for us if she hates me. lols

  7. You so did the right thing in blocking the guy Mai, if somebody doesn't want to be your mate then it's them that's missing out and not you.

    There's actually a tiny chance that he might have had more innocent intentions though. Like once I had this friend I began to fall in love with and one day she said something about this guy she was falling for who wasn't me and I told her we couldn't be friends any more and not to contact me. It's possible something like that happened here, you never know.

  8. It's probably because he's been having dreams of you more often. But seriously, I don't think it's normal for a guy to have a dream about a girl and then call her in the middle of the night UNLESS he actually has a thing for her.

    So it's either his gf is jealous OR he's doing her a favor already and is trying to avoid you before she gets jealous.

  9. Otakore Literantadodist
    WOW..nice one..thanks! ^_^

  10. Otakore Literantadodist
    WOW..nice one..thanks! ^_^

  11. mai, i'm sure his girlfriend texted you that, you don't know the girl personally so how did you know she's not the jealous type. you should talk to that guy personally to clear things out, there's nothing wrong with that!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  12. @CutestPrincess
    I don't know. Maybe the gf thinks I'm so kulit because during those times I was so kulit talaga. Pero I dunno, yeah..I will ask if kung may chance ako..sana magkita kami accidentally. I was thinking din na baka di sya ang nagtxt nun, iniisip ko kc wla naman cgurong basis ung txt nya eh..wla tlaga akong maisip na dahilan para sabihin nya sa akin un :(

  13. Look at this Mayang. He had a dream, and it was all about you. Come on! you are not manhid,right? I mean, who on earth would dream about his friend who is a girl, and not dream about his girlfriend at all?

    He has feelings for you. Obvious. Sobra. Walang matinong tao ang tatawag ng 3AM. You are special to him. It's just that, di mo lang siguro siya type o ayaw lang niyang sabihin sayo. Hehe...

  14. the only reason i can see is the girlfriend but as you said, she has nothing to do with it.... well, we cannot tell ...maybe nagseselos si gf or nainsecure or something like that or else the guy himself is trying not to be so close to you kasi he has this feeling na for you ..^_^

  15. I want to say he has some unresolved feelings for you somehow, but I don't know. It just seems so random. I don't know if blocking him on FB was the best idea. I'd just have left him alone and ignored him til he came around or not.

  16. I am guessing this is from the guy you talked about in yesterday's post? This is seriously odd and just rude... I think you did the right thing by blocking him in FB.

  17. That's rude and sad. :/

  18. @Ryan
    Hindi naman cguro ako manhid. we're friends. I know that for sure. it was a bad dream, I missed mentioning that. Haha! what we have is purely friendship, I can assure that. ^_^ how can we be friends of we don't like each other? lols.

    you mean? I like someone post? nope. hehe! he can't be the guy. hehe..yeah, I think blocking him was a good thing also. because if I didn't, there's no way I'm gonna stop myself of bugging him. hehe

    yeah, I think I'll just do what I've told to. after all, there's no point contacting him if he's gonna ignore me anyway..it would be a waste of time.

    @My 2 Pesos
    I don't think it that way. I know he have his reasons and I'm still willing to have an open mind..

    Now I'm really sure his gf has nothing to do with it. I mean, he did it. I'll talk about it some other time though. :D

    thank you everyone! ^_^


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