February 25, 2012

I Like Someone..

..and I can't tell you who. But I can tell you why. ^_^

I like him because I find him Nice. Cool and Funny ^_^

He makes me smile. Nah. Actually he makes me laugh. The thought of him makes me shivers. 


It's demented! 


It is!!! 



Liking him? 

It's insane!!! 

I don't want anything to do with him because I think he has a girlfriend :(

Ugh. I'm going mad!!! jeez!

I want it so badly to stop-right now!!!



  1. Ases. Parang tutuloy tuloy na ata yan ah. Haha. Okay lang naman kung may gusto ka sa iba na may girlfriend. Hindi mo rin naman siguro aagawin yung lalaki. Pero, in this case, parang gusto mo rin ata na maging kayo. Okay lang din yun. Hindi masama ang mang-agaw. Walang agawan na mangyayari dahil hindi pa sila kasal. Haha

  2. @Ryan Adik Nga Lambay
    Ganun ba un? lols. wala pa naman sa plano ko ang agawin sya kung meron mn syang gf. haha..parang ang pangit din kung maging mang.aagaw ako, parang desperate naman msyado yan. hahaha! pero tama ka :D ok lang mag ka.gusto sa may gf db? kc halos lahat yata ng matinong boys eh taken eh..kya walang choice. haha

  3. I felt really happy when I originally seen this but now I know you're not sure if he likes you or not I don't know so much, I really hope he does, you deserve something like this Mai, although like you say it is crazy for you to like somebody!

  4. @Xan Gerna
    like lang naman :D

    gosh, I wanted so much to ask him if he ever thought of liking someone like me but it's kinda awkward and I don't have the guts :D haha! it's silly. really, it is :D

  5. There's something you have to remember. When he's single you have to compete with the whole world but when he's taken you only have to compete with her :P Still though I hope it goes better for you.

  6. @Mark
    I'll keep that in mind :D thanks!
    that's a nice one, really! ^_^

  7. hahaha. infatuation is intoxicating indeed!

  8. @Ile Odarod
    it is. it's driving me insane. haha

  9. hahahaha.. there are a lot of fish in the sea sabi nga nila hahaha..

  10. I know that feeling. :)

  11. Makes you smile, makes you laugh. If he isn't taken then make your move! Stalk him to find out maybe.

  12. @Henry: that's kind of a problem, hehe..I don't know if he has a gf. ^_^ I wanted to ask but it might make things go awkward or idk. :) I don't want to take a risk :D

  13. @Henry: that's kind of a problem, hehe..I don't know if he has a gf. ^_^ I wanted to ask but it might make things go awkward or idk. :) I don't want to take a risk :D

  14. OH no...so sorry to hear he has a girlfriend!

  15. holy cow need to get some or what?

  16. yay! you only think that he has a girlfriend, right? but you're not sure! i'm wishing that he's single... so, your love story begin! hehe

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  17. CutestPrincess
    Oh! I really wish the same :D

    don't worry. I'll find ways to confirm if he really has a gf. :D

  18. I felt the same when I fell in love with my current boyfriend. It turned out great :p


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