June 28, 2012

Unrequited Love

All along I thought that "unrequited love" means reunited love when it actually means quite not the opposite but almost. 

Why am I talking about this? I dunno really. Maybe because I have been influenced with Japanese movies these days and some scenes in the movie portrays an unrequited love or such. It is something that does not happen only in movies but in real life. 


An unrequited love.


When a guy confesses his feelings towards a girl, if he's serious, he'd probably feel nervous..aye? He would think it was him who's doing, exerting a great effort to confess. Of course, seemingly hoping the girl he's wooing will see or realize how much effort he put through to overcome the feeling of agitation. 

But the moment he got rejected, (contrary to what he's expecting) he would gone wild. He'll ignore the girl. Avoid her. Curse her. Hate her or worse?

For what reason? for feeling discarded? 


Would he rather want the girl to say yes out of pity? 

I think he should thank the girl for being honest. 


Respect the girls decision and move on. Find someone else, go on a hunt! (there are plenty of girls). 

Yeah. Yeah. I know! there's no one else like her. But what he do? the girl has someone else in her mind. The girl has it's own heart to follow..

Let's turn the table next :)


  1. I've felt unrequited love before Mai and believe me, it really sucks to love someone and not be loved back, it's one of the most painful feelings in the world.

  2. It sounds a bit like you've had to turn a guy down recently Mai. I've had a lot of unrequited loves. Way too many actually. It's not good really, it hurts like Hell, and it's hard to let go. It can be very hard to move on, even when you know you have no hope or chance. It can be very hard to let it go with the girl as well, and go on as you were. Or at least accept that they can't help how they don't feel, and that you shouldn't hate them for it.

    1. nope. HAHA! there's no one to turn down to Mark. no worries :D

  3. Mai, what's with all these posts about love lately? Is this directed to someone you know in real life? hehehe

    My opinion though is that if he acts like that after being rejected, then it's either he's still immature or he's not in love at all. Just infatuated. I know it hurts, but seriously, if you truly truly love a person, I don't think you'd like to hurt her despite the hurt. Ignoring and avoiding is acceptable. But hating? naaaaah. That's too much.

    1. wala to! haha.

      hay. cguro nga immature lang sya. dati pa to eh. naalala ko lang :)

  4. he will be foreveralone

  5. madami ngang babae pero paano kung ikaw ang gusto niya,hehe....oo nga makakahanap pero kung may matagpuan na ay ikaw pa rin ang maiisip kahit kasama ang bagong mahal.....

  6. sigh... such is my love for prince william! LOL

    ang hindi masukliang pag-ibig...

    i think i've been in both shoes, being rejected and rejecting someone... but in the end... i don't really think it's love.

    after all, love is a two way process! *_^

  7. hahah. yeah. unrequited love. that thing, just so difficult to accept (naks. drama. haha)

    but despite all these unrequited love churva, i still believe someone soon will be sent by God to love you just like you love him/her. :)

    1. hay. I wish I could believe the same thing :)

  8. Probably one of the most cliched things possible. Fairly certain it happens to girls more though, at least, the girls I know.

  9. Ahhh... The never ending drama of unrequited love.


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