November 03, 2011

Quick Post: Happy Birthday Joan =))

I'm just having a break with my [Br]eaking [Ba]d mood to have a quick "greeting" post to this lady out here..
 Any idea who she is?(she was featured once in my blog-here)

the lady behind (in case you haven't read anything about her yet) Diaries of an Indistinctive Writer.
anyway, gotta rush. my brother will be using the pc..

brb! hehe! ^_^


Happy Birthday Joan! ^_^


  1. Yes happy birthday to her too!

  2. Happy birthday Joan! I'm reading her blog now and it's extremely good. I follow her yet for some reason her posts don't turn up... that's weird. Thanks for your kind comment on my blog too, comments are always extremely welcome!

  3. Happy birthday to her. :D

  4. @mai
    thank you mai ^_^ for blog of greeting... this really made me smile

    thank you for the compliment on my blog ^_^ i haven't blog for a while... that's why...

  5. Happy Birthday to her. (:

  6. Birthdays all around this week it seems.

  7. I think i've read her blog some time... not sure tho

  8. Your friend is pretty. :3

  9. Happy Birthday to Joan! Thank you for the comment, I've never watched any of the K-Drama movies or soap operas but definitely will!

  10. Happy belated birthday to her! If it was her birthday that day then your brother should have been with her, not taking the computer off you lol.


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