November 06, 2011

Am I A Hopeless Romantic Person? + The Only Thing That Keeps Me Away From My Addiction Is..

..My Other Addiction


I do have another addiction aside from internet (blogging & facebook) and movie and tv series.

Wanna take a guess? 



Pocket books
Yes! (twice)

This is the only thing that keeps me away from all things that I do. From household chores, to my addiction and all. I mean, I can totally ditch everything/everyone for this. Even boys yo! haha! Seriously! I can sit my ass down the whole day reading this stuff (crazy right!), lying, leaning, standing, eating whichever way. In fact, I can listen to the class discussion while reading one of these, of course, not in an obvious way.

Anyway, my sister brought these pocket books since last week (and brought another batch just today), she borrowed it from her bf's sister who's also very much into this (thanks to her). ^___^

I remember when I was in high school, my father almost threw a whole box of these into the fire because he was so pissed of me doing nothing but reading (skipping meals and ignoring their requests). 


I begged off! 

It wasn't mine in the first place, so why in the world would I allow him to burn those stuff down? right? 

Anyway, that's it. 

Since then, I lay low with my addiction. I avoided reading on plain sight especially in the house and do most of the reading during classes hours. haha! I use candle or flash light during the night. And lastly, I check every now and then if father is out and then I read :D

Hay! this really makes me a hopeless romantic absurd person on the planet earth!!! 

Gosh. I hated that! 

Anyway, speaking of which-hopeless romantic-I'm about to take the test-Here (if I am a hopeless romantic one)..let's see what it says..
check out my result..70/100  
According to your score, you are a bit of a hopeless romantic. Rose petals, poignant poetry, tall glasses of wine, touching moments, and sweet words are all loving gestures that you enjoy receiving as well as offering. Romance is fairly important to you, and likely an aspect that you consider fundamental in relationships. Keep in mind however, that problems may arise if you are with someone who really isn't the romantic type. If you look forward to Valentine's Day to express your love and your partner doesn't even acknowledge it as a special day, you might end up feeling neglected or your efforts unappreciated. Nevertheless, even if your partner isn't as romantically inclined as you are, try to be appreciative of his/her efforts when she/he does try to woo you. Some people aren't comfortable displaying their affection in screamingly obvious ways, but this doesn't mean that they don't care ? they simply prefer to be more subtle. 
Check out the test too if you have time =)


  1. ahaha i remember my high school days i am addicted to pocket books :)
    ahaha just lessen it naman girl..ahaha i laugh at using light and candle ahaha :p
    just make a time management for your reading :)

  2. I haven't read a real book in ages. Textbooks don't count. :P

  3. You have way too many addictions. :P

  4. I am a damn romantic too :P I understand ur situation :)

  5. Wow, that is a lot of pocket books! I have to admit I'm not keen on romantic stories like this but it's good you enjoy them I guess! As for your comment, I have it all planned out, like how to sing it and everything but I'm way too camera shy to perform it so people will just have to make up their own interpretations.

  6. You are a hopeless romantic? That's not as bad is it sounds. I'm not romantic at all so I guess I'm just hopeless.

  7. I;m also a fan of PHR novels. The Stallion boys ang gagugwapo!

  8. hmm not fond of books but i'm a big romantic myself ^_^ i love being in love!

  9. I have no idea what is a pocket book but it must be a good read and I am going to check out that quiz...let's see what I get ;)

  10. lol reading is a good habit to have, it really is :) Don't be afraid to let people see you reading! Though I suppose it depends on what book it is. I can be quite a hopeless romantic too usually.


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