September 14, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 11 (Your Pet)

Note: I'll be having my retreat today (Wednesday) and I'll be back on Friday..Ü 
I'll see you then :))
I'll miss you guys! ^_

Let's meet Janine's pet..

Meet our beloved pet, “Jackie”, a Labrador. Jackie is such a sweet and gentle dog. Every time I go home from school, she would jump over me and kiss my butt. Yeah, “butt”. HAHA! She’s also very friendly and doesn’t hurt anyone. Jackie is also a funny dog. SUPER. She likes it when you touch her “butt”. Again, “butt”. I think that’s her fave part. It’s because when I come closer and play with her, she would turn around and show her butt instead. Such a silly dog! Another funny thing about her is when she hears the sound of plates and cutleries; she would take a peak from outside our window and barks. Meaning, she also wants to eat while we eat. HEHE. Last one, she never barks at anyone (even a stranger) but the moment she smells something or see you eating, oh my! You better cover your ears. She will never stop barking until you give her something or at least share what you’re eating with her. And Yeah, she’s also a very jealous dog. Whenever she sees me playing with our neighbor’s dog, she would bark like she is trying to get my attention. Papansin kumbaga! I love Jackie to bits! If only she smells good everyday, I would really kiss and hug her always.
My turn to introduce to you my beloved "MIMING"
 This is my "Miming"..^_^ I love this cat so much :) I got him from Yvonne, a very good friend of mine. He's a very good pet. He's obedient :D, I mean, when I say "go out" he'd go out, face down, without questions. lol He also don't eat what's on the table..he'd wait for his turn to eat. He loves fish and loves to be cuddled. He's sweet and very comforting :)  
And since he's my favorite subject, please allow me to share some photos of him :)

as you can see, there's another one, don't worry, he's not mine. he's a visitor. lol
close ups @_@


  1. Janine wins once again. Im not much of a cat man, actually im alergic to cats hahaha and i have a Labrador myself. So this one goes to Janine again.

  2. i more interested dog than cat..
    dog is cute and nice animal

  3. <3 cats, always love cats :D

    Dogs are too noisy and obnoxious in my opinion.

  4. where's bakekang? :D

    cats are better than dogs, they're so majestic and dogs just go hurr-durr everyday. LOL

  5. Wow. That dogs so damn... adorable. I feel bad saying that word lol. Nice blog post, it's cool you have those pets, I've got none right now :(

  6. So....much....adorable cuteness....I think I'm going to explode. Yay for you having a cat ^_^ Though I love all animals, I think cats are better than dogs.

  7. I like that dogs face on the 4th picture (right down corner). It's like "Whaaa? What is going on?" :D

  8. Those cat pics are so cute, I'm a dog person though, so I didn't even click one. Nice post by the way :), I have the same breed.

  9. Despite only having had experience with dogs I still say I like cats better.

  10. adorable dog... but i prefer small dog like Shih Tzu or chihuahua... and i don't like cat!

    It’s a GIRL Thing


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