September 13, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 10 (A Product You Use In Your Hair)

Check this out :)

Note: This is not an advertisement 

I only use two products on my hair EVERYDAY. A shampoo and a conditioner. Cream Silk it is. As you can see, there are three colors (pink, black, and green) depending on what quality you want your hair to achieve. As for me, I often use the pink one for I want to achieve straighter, softer, and shiner look for my hair. Sometimes, I use the green one. Before, I hate to use conditioners because of its slippery effect but now that I have treated hair,I was recommended and forced (yeah, napipilitan kasi) to use this everyday which takes three- five minutes of my bathing time.
Note: This is not an advertisement I repeat! ^_^
Should I be embarrassed about this? Guess not. haha! Before anything else, let me explain. I use Suave (it's a shaping mousse) out of curiosity. Vitress and Black Beauty after shower or anytime (sometimes). Head and Shoulder for my shampoo and I use Cream Silk very rarely for my conditioner. Actually, out of these 5 items, it's the shampoo that I really use everyday. The rest, nope. I'm too lazy to apply these stuff, it's time consuming and I don't like to spend much time on  my hair-really! ^_^ 


  1. eto! eto ang gusto ko makita nyahahahaha!

    bakit? ewan haha! wala lang ^_^ lol

  2. cream silk is my favorite conditioner ever since!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  3. that's cool that you don't spend hours on your hair like some girls.

  4. Nice post. I have to admit for a guy I spend way too much time on my hair, washing then conditioning it daily. I don't use any mousse though so maybe you win when it comes to doing your hair!

  5. Gaahhhhhh hair product! Nothing touches my hair! Well occasionally anti-dandruff shampoo :)

  6. that's beyond my savvy, dont know why girls have to use so many hair and make up products @_@

    I take a shower everyday but I only wash my hair like twice a month lol

  7. I only shower once a week to keep that manly smell

  8. i used o'real products. they make my hair so soft and silky!

    jos xx

  9. I have long hair and I use... water and soap :D

  10. Hahaha you use Head and Shoulders shampoo? After you started with the Suave mousse I did not see that coming.

  11. I would make a post about products i use on my beard hahaha It's not easy to have such a majestic beard like mine.


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