September 01, 2011

Mai's First Boyfriend (Due To Insistent Public Demand)

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Tonight is the night. 

Anyway, correction, only a few friends made that demand. Like 2 or 3? haha!

A few friends requested that I should share my own love story in fairness to those love stories I published. Unfortunately, for me, I don't have any to share. Yeah. I've never been in love! (I guess) But anyway, that's not the point. Tonight, instead of sharing a love story that I never had, I will share about my first boyfriend.

Yes. I once have a boyfriend. I've got 4 actually but will only share the first one. ^_^

To start with..

Meet John..

I met him through a friend-Chris when I was 16.  I was naive. I was a senior in High School. He's from a different school. He's a year younger than me. He was like the "crush of the campus" in their school. He's good looking way then. He's charming and really handsome. But I was immune of his charms. I don't know anything about him. I'm intrigued though. Some of the girls were drooling over him. For sure, a guy like him will never pay attention with a girl like me.
Until one time, it was our Saint's Fiesta. I finally met him. Oh my gosh! I'm out of words! my oh my! haven't seen such beauty like this in school. Petty thoughts for a distracted girl. Crazy huh? 
C'mon, I was so young. A teenager. Careless. All I'm excited about before was meeting cute guys and get really butterflies in the stomach, run after them and talked about them with friends. Great times!
Fast forward. (courtship scenario)
I think days after I met him in person, I heard a sound of a motor bike outside our house and was dropping a joke with parents and my sisters, saying "Maybe it's John, maybe he finally realized that he's into me and blah blah blah and he wanna court me and want me to be his girlfriend and then proudly, with chin up and grin" sister (Cris) told me, dream on sis! 
Later my younger sister was screaming, "Ate! someone is looking for you" My eyebrows met. Then I yelled back, who? Then she was smiling looking up at me (I was upstairs), and answered in a very low voice, "It's John."  
I really was stunned. I was just kidding! What the hell? For real? I thought. What the hell is he doing here? Seriously? Heavenly Saints! help! 
I hurriedly went downstairs to see him. No one let him in. I didn't let him in. 
Upon seeing him, I smiled and shyly said, "Hi." He smiled back. Oh my freakin face! how handsome! I asked him what the hell is he doing here and then he said stuffs that I can't remember exactly because I was so preoccupied with his face. HAHA! 
To make it short. He became my first boyfriend. 
What drives me to share this memory with you was because of the reason that among exes he was like the coolest. He was the first one who ever went to our house and introduced himself to my parents. Also, he doesn't wanna visit me in school  because it's not appropriate, reasoned. But later on, we broke up. I don't know how long, we just broke up. For whatever reason, I can't remember anymore. I guess it was planned that we broke up? I guess it was me and my friend's idea to pretend I have a new bf and he was mad and the end. It was stupid. He's too nice for me :( plus, I don't wanna fall too hard that time.
After I graduated high school, I left the province and I took up Eng'g in the city. We lost in touch. He graduated high school and studied in the same city but different school. He took up nursing and we met again.  To make it short (again) we went back together for quite a while this time. A while. That means, yeah! We broke up again. This time, it was because he's addicted with this online game MU. We hardly find time with each other. That I cannot take. We really tried to patch things up. Adjust. Fixed few things and still end up with nothing. So we decided to let it go. No hard feelings. Still friends. It was a mutual understanding. 

What makes this guy so special is because out of those guys I had relationships with, he was really the coolest. We can still  see each other after the break up and talk like normal people. He didn't hate me at all. He likes me still as of who I am. He would usually say "I am special" We do get along too well even now. And so, I'm sharing our latest picture together I took a few months ago during my post birthday treat (courtesy of him). 
Us after 10 years ^_^
There you go! 

That's the story of my first ever boyfriend :)

Anything else? I'm up to my 30 days photo challenge starting in a few days..Ü Any suggestion/s?  I have the list already (open for changes) but I'm kinda tired now. I'll post it tomorrow..Ü

Thank you very much for reading! ^_^ Every one! You rock! ^_^


  1. etttttttttttt... kilig much? hhahahaha

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. WHOA! I didn't know that he was your first. :) karon pa. HAHA!

  4. @dwizzt and jan: this is soooooooooo embarrassing!

  5. I need to fix my bike so that i can pick up girls

  6. Weee..kakakilig..hehehe
    malay mo kau p dn sa huli..harharhar ^_^

  7. Wow! kilig talga ako to the max hehehe. It was an interesting love story and kakakilig how I wish to be like you a very fortunate gal. I have join your GF hope you can also be here as your virtual friend hope so.

  8. Definitely an interesting post. Since you spend so long describing other people's relationships it's only right you tell us about some of your own. Very cool blog.

  9. That's an interesting story! :)

  10. thats awesome, 10 years later and still able to be friends. congrats.

  11. He is quite cute, which makes him perfect for any teenage girl lol. It's nice you can still be friends after so long and what not, I could never do that with my exes. So, well done!

    plus he's still soooo cute.


  13. he seems like a nice guy.
    My first girlfriend was in highschool. I was 17. We dated for 3 years. I still talk to her and am on good terms with her now.

  14. that's how it works in the Philippines? you just drive your motorbike over to a girl's house and wave at them? seems pretty great.

  15. aww... such a cute love story, but it's not a happily ever after story! pwede ka na sumulat sa romance pocketbook! hehe

    It's a GIRL Thing

  16. Get along "too well" you say? Hahaha I wonder....

  17. it's nice to see "some" people or lovers that are still friends after a failed relationship or should i say after a great and fun moments...=)

  18. HAHAHAHAHAHAH SYET CHEI. kagwapo gud saimung 1st na uyab! wahhahhahahaha!! mas gapo pman ni enchong :))))

  19. COOLEST EVER! kilig much ako jan pretty mai waaaaa! we never know bka kayo din sa bagay kau ah...soulmate! kau naaaa...:D

  20. yan kinilig tuloy ako nyahahaha!

    miss ko na tuloy yung 1st GF ko na tumagal ng 3 weeks nyahahahaha!

  21. Your first boyfriend is ADORABLE!

    My first boyfriend was um, a pet rock.

    My second boyfriend was my right hand.

    So yes, I'm totally getting better at this.

  22. leonmac...... still seeing each other huh "big grin" :P wonder why???

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. In fairness gwapo sha... ^_^ hmm i'm just confused... how can you be in relationships and feel like you've never fallen in love?

  25. i think you're still very cute together haha!

    glad to hear that you share nice words for your first boyfriend. however, i can't understand how you still remained friends...i'm def not friends with mine haha, especially with my first!

    jos xx

  26. LOL I was laughing on my ass. This is an embarrassing post for him huh. He got caught up with the spotlight. But he's cute and you broke up for your pretension? Did he recover?

  27. ngano nag bulag paman! hahahaha bagay raba

  28. I like reading this story, it's like a good short love story novel. Happy that it had a happy ending too, that you remained friends in spite of the break up, those things does not happen often, glad it happened to you. Cheers! - Mar
    -Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen-
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  29. wow. ang cute nyo together :D boto ako :))


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