June 20, 2012


This is indeed weird. I am confident I wrote something last father's day. It was a greeting for all my blogger's fathers and father bloggers but I realized just now that it didn't publish. I wonder why? 

Hmm..anyway, that's why I'm making another one. 

Dear fellow bloggers,

Happy father's day to all your dad and to all blogger dads. I hope you had a blast :)


I've been a little busy these past few days. Lots of events have been held. I hope everyone is doing great. Don't worry, though I don't post comments in your blog (since I'm using my phone during visits) rest assured I check them every time :)



  1. We missed your presence in the blogosphere Mai!

  2. That is kind of odd a post seems to have just vanished. I wasn't reading back then and even if I was I don't think I'd be able to remember if there was one there. Enjoy whatever it is you're up to though :) You were missed, so use your phone more often ha!

  3. Me too, today I felt like I was sabotaged cuz everytime every time I hit the publish button, my post wouldn't appear on my homepage. I realized that my schedule setting was fixed in Chinese time. I guess China must have something to do with all these blogging fiasco. They must be hating on anyone Filipino.

  4. Have a good time on whatever you're busily doing Mai!

  5. have a good time, Mai! keep on posting, i miss you! oh, by the way, you can't believe that i'm a mom already, but that's true... hehe! actually i have two kids, my girl is 9yrs old and my boy is 8!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  6. belated happy fathers day sa lahat....

  7. happy fathers day to your dad too Mai!

  8. Happy Fathers day to you as well! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog


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