June 13, 2012

It's Been A Boring, Fun and Exciting Week :)

Hello lovies! ^_^

It's been a week since my last post and it felt so bad not sharing anything. I've been so greedy with sleep lately so everytime there's a chance, I'll sleep. How are you? I hope everything's doing good..

My week was kind of boring, fun and exciting. Boring because I stayed most of my time in the hospital doing close to nothing. Fun-because I get to see this cute male nurse everytime. HAHA! Exciting because there's a new born baby in the family :) How's that? 

I'd like to share some photos but first I'll have to ask permission from my cousin.  Will share some other time though.

That's all for now. I need to get some sleep-AGAIN :)

Have a nice day!!! ^_^


  1. The baby isn't yours is it? With this cute male nurse? :P I'm guessing it is actually your cousin's though, so congratulations :)

    1. no! no! no! (not mine)

      yes! yes! yes! it's my cousin's baby :)

  2. I also like accompanying people at the hospital for the same reason: cute nurses. :3

    Post a photo of your cousin's baby! Wee!

  3. its yer cousins baby right ? :D congrats to her. hehe
    well, i would love to stay in the hospital if cute nurses are attending my cousin or someone. haha. same here, em getting fatt-er because of sleep. :D

  4. Hoho nurses, eh? I can understand that. (^_^)


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