May 21, 2012

Which One Should I Do First? You Choose.

I was asked to do a challenge but there were too many of them..

He give me these options..

  • 30 Day Challenge: Future/Dream Wedding 
  • 30 Day Ranting Challenge 
  • About YOU (2) 30 Day Challenge
  • About YOU 30 Day Challenge w/ random photo challenge
  • 30 Day Song Challenge
  • Television 30 Day Challenge 
  • 30 Day Letter Challenge
  • 100 Day Picture
  • 3o Day Picture Taking Challenge
  • 30 Day Picture (A Photo of) Challenge 
too many, aye?
Which one do you think should I do first? Care to choose for me? :)



  1. I say you should go with the 30 day challenge which is about you since it's always great to learn more about you, I don't really mind if there's a random picture with one or not. Challenges are a lot of fun Mai so regardless of what you choose it'll be enjoyable anyway.

  2. Ahhh soooooooo many but I guess I'm going to have to go for the about you with random pictures. You seem to really enjoy taking pictures :)

  3. I'd do the photo one if I were you. :P

  4. i think i would go for the
    Television 30 Day Challenge yay!

  5. tho i mostly don't get what you're supposed to do in the challenges, I'd pick "100 Day Picture" cos it has the most days lollllll

  6. either 30 Day Picture Challenge/ 30 day ranting challenge. :D haha

  7. I am actually planning to do a photo a day challenge next month! Hard decision amongst all of these!

  8. i choose 100 day picture... i wanna see more of you! by the way, about your question on my hair, i'm just using hair extension and i'm gonna use it to all my next photos :)

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  9. Oooh some of these sound cool. I like the 100 day picture one. Just found your blog actually, it's so cute!

    Suzie Q

  10. napakahirap naman ng mga choices. but for me, i'd rather choose all. haha

    actually, I'd rather suggest you have a 100 day picture (OF YOU) para makita ka namin everyday. hahaha

  11. I want to see you do the 30-day ranting challenge. I think you have a lot to say about stuff. :) do you know youtuber anna tan? her videos are mostly rants


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