May 16, 2012

Read My Lips..

This is an edited video clips of my friends just before we parted ways. This is meant for my fellow bloggers.

I mute the video and replaced it with a music instead for the background since you can't understand what they're saying, but actually..this is just purely HI's ^_^

I'm not sure if this is available in your country (it is blocked in the others) but I hope you'll take the time to watch this :)

I hope you have fun today :)

by the way, thank you all for the songs you suggested. It was very helpful. ^_^


I really don't have much time for blog hopping, so I hope you'll understand. I'll get back to everyone as soon as I can :)


  1. That is a really good job there :) And a lovely way to remember all your friends :)

  2. I love this video Mai although the use of One Direction is annoying, I hate that song! Everything else is perfect though, it's a great way to remember everybody!

    Actually, right now I'm rocking out to "You Don't Know You're Beautiful," once again so maybe I'm a closet fan!

  3. Cool video. It's very much in line with beats of the song. :)

    I'll try to post pictures when I wear those clothes but I won't promise worthy outfits. Haha. I don't get time to dress up these days. :P

    I hope John is in peace now, wherever he is. I know you've been praying for me. Take Care ate. :)

  4. Happy to see you all happy but I don't like that song either. What happens when the girl *does* know she's beautiful? What then? IS THAT A PROBLEM!?

  5. I hope I could do a video editing like yours. I'll try some other time. I like what you did! :)

  6. Cool job with the video editing! I think you selected good music as background!

  7. this is really a nice video Mai... it feels like you can always play the video every time you miss them... I should have come up with something like this before haha...
    thanks for sharing..

  8. Don't worry about not being able to blog. We completely understand.

    Come back soon!


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