March 05, 2012

Please Don't Judge Us. We're Just Having Some Fun! ^_^

Nothing to do :D

I know you won't understand a thing-sorry. hehe

O_O oh! ugliest, and craziest moment with my little (that is taller than me) sister. ^_^

Most embarrassing face dance! =p


  1. cmon man, what r u guys doing up there?? hahahaha

  2. @Joshua
    embarrassing ourselves..hahaha

  3. looks like someone's been drinking..

  4. You and your sister are too cute! Oh..I guess you didn't mom is my photographer :)

  5. Yep. You should be embarrassed.... (^ワ^)

  6. Those facial exercises actually keep you young looking! Don't be embarrassed at your youth! Haha, I did them along with you.

  7. I'm not going to judge you but only because you asked so nicely and I'm too busy laughing.

  8. I can't see why you or people think it's embarrassing, I found it pretty funny in all honesty haha! You guys are just having fun, I'll be kind of worried for your health though if at least some booze isn't involved in the making of this haha!

  9. seems like you all had a great time!Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  10. Haha.. This would be my fifteenth times watching this video. I can watch it many timeS as I want to, since everytime that I watch this video all my worry and tiredness goes away. And also don't be embarrass about it. Instead be proud of it since not all of us have the courage to do it and post it. And you two have a beautiful, cute laugh. <3 >_< <3


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