January 18, 2012

Quick Post: I'm Sorry :(

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! 

How are you all? 
It's been a while eh? I am so sorry. I know, I know. I should be posting my Ilocos trip a few days ago but there's something you need to know. I'm back in Cagayan de Oro and as you know our house and everything else inside has been destroyed with that typhoon named "SENDONG" and that means, no laptop and no internet connection and that's kind of a problem for me :( but I swear, I'm trying to find ways ^_^ I hope everyone of you do understand my situation. I miss you guys:(  

Off the topic, as I've mentioned, I'm back in our city and it felt strange seeing the city from above (plane)..once again, I'll find ways to keep you posted and you'll see the difference. For the mean time, I gotta go. I think my time is up and I'm hungry. I honestly do miss everyone in blogsphere :( 

take care everyone..<3 


  1. We understand your situation :) I hope you can get things back soon.

  2. Aww Mai, when I first saw you posting you were sorry I was planning on jokingly telling you off for not doing my questions but now I feel bad! I seriously hope things work themselves out, those photos seem awesome in that other post as well. Don't worry much about Blogger too much, some things are more important in life. We'll all be still here when you're all sorted.


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