January 05, 2012

Night Scream Treat: Scary Scary Night

My friend asked me to take a look at this link  Read if you dare!, of course, we wanted a little challenge and scary moment, so we did :), unfortunately, the best moment wasn't captured! but alas! the second was. 

take a look..we're reading this link click here to read it yourself :D while recording this video :)

you might wanna take a look at Janine..the girl holding an "angry bird" pillow? the black one..she's peaking!!! hilarious! hahahaha!
it's kinda long, so, if you wanna skip it, it's okay :) but if you wanna see us the whole time we were reading, no skipping then! ^_^
this is a 9:42 video (skip to 4:12 where the actual reading start). please do bear with the length :) next post will be the video took last Christmas where one of my friends confessed her feelings, the other one can't stop speaking English and Filipino, and the last one was puking =)) as for now. I hope you enjoyed our video! ^_^ Happy blogging. Love you guys! xoxo


  1. Haha, I loved this video Mai, it looks like it was so much fun, that Angry Birds pillow is so awesome as well, I love Angry Birds. Btw, I tagged you in this blog thing I did, it's basically a blog where you answer some questions. If you want to do it great, if not that's cool too! Hope things are good in Manilla!

  2. I've seen that comic before, I know not to do it again.

  3. How could you read while covering your eyes?! I read the comics before watching your vid and my face was close to the monitor while I was staring at the red thing on the rail. LOL, surprising indeed.


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