September 08, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 5 (A Cup You Drank From Today)

A cup of icetea! This is a picture of a cup I drank from today. It’s my personal cup. It’s perfectly mine. I mean no one else can use it or else they die sorta thing. HAHAHA! I bought this from a store named Japan Home and I find it cute because of its color – sky blue, its design- stars on the center, plus it has a cover.
Okay. This is a cup (filled with water). (lol) A personalized cup from one of my favorite tv show DEXTER (A Serial Killer Who Kills Serial Killers). My friend gave this to me as a birthday present just this year. I have two personalized cup actually, the other one is from my favorite show also, "The White Collar"..^_^ 

Anyway, it took me a while to post this one because last night I wasn't at home :( My friend Venus arrived and with Rosellen, we checked in somewhere in the city for like 5 hours only and slept for an hour then went to National Bureau of Investigation to get a clearance as one of our requirements in OJT and employment purposes for Venus :)

I'll get back to everyone as soon as possible ^_^


  1. Dextah.. (you're reading this in Lila's voice)

    LOL :D

  2. the ice tea looks so refreshing... i'll get one now!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  3. haha, these glasses are too cute!

    jos xx

  4. Such a random photo challenge idea! I'd love some iced tea right now because of this :(

  5. lol nice cup :) I have about one personal cup but I rarely drink from it.

  6. so what did u fill in the Dexter cup? Ice tea? Or something more...'bloody'? LOL

  7. Oh my god I LOVE DEXTER!!! It's one of the best shows ever!!
    Season 4? Trinity? that was insane!! Such an awesome character, and John Lithgow nailed the roll.

  8. @Tim hell yeah!

    The second best tv series next to Dexter.

  9. cute mugs! ^_^

    oh... you mean those "criminal minds" guys haven't caught that serial killer yet?

    my blog

  10. One mistake here: Dexter kills other kinds of guys too, not only serial killers :D

    Tea is my favorite too, I hate coffee. Lipton for the win :D

  11. blah, I JUST washed my cup I drank from with breakfast!

  12. Damn! I want that iced tea! All I have in the fridge are H2O and a packet of ketchup...

  13. I've been looking to get a TF2 mug for a while but alas, no money.

  14. I feel like a personalized Dexter item should be a knife. hue hue hue (O___,O)

  15. Nauhaw naman ako sa post na toh! nanuyo bigla lalamunan ko.. hayyzz...


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