September 03, 2011


Janine is my closest friend since the start of school (around 2008). Since then, we're inseparable despite our differences. She's the total opposite of me. She'll be my guest in the following days. She's currently working on with this challenge in her facebook and I decided to share it here in my blog (if you don't mind) as I work on my challenge too.

  • She's nice, I'm not. 
  • She's good in remembering things, I'm not. 
  • She's a good listener, I'm not. (I'm talkative) Name it! haha!
Together we accept this challenge. 

•Day 1 : Anything; whatever you want.
Day 2 Something/Someone that makes you smile.
•Day 3: Something that you collect.
•Day 4: Something that stresses you out.
•Day 5: A cup you drank from today.
•Day 6: Someone who inspires you.
•Day 7: A picture of your phone.
•Day 8: What you had for lunch today.
•Day 9: Shoes.
•Day 10: A product you use in your hair.
•Day 11: Your pet.
•Day 12: A sneak picture you took in class/at work/out and about.
•Day 13: Nature.
•Day 14: Somewhere you went today.
•Day 15: What's in your bag?
•Day 16: Something that makes you sad.
•Day 17: A picture of something you want to do before you die.
•Day 18: Your Handwriting.
•Day 19: Something you don’t have much of.
•Day 20: A picture and a letter/s
•Day 21: Something from your bathroom.
•Day 22: Something sweet.
•Day 23: A book you’ve been reading.
•Day 24: Something you shouldn't have bought, but did anyways.
•Day 25: A souvenir from a vacation.
•Day 26: Something that means a lot to you.
•Day 27: Something you’re currently borrowing from someone.
•Day 28: Something purple.
•Day 29: Something in your fridge.
•Day 30: You.

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