July 10, 2011

the usual

When it's weekend, my usual wake up call is 9-10am, often times-11am. Now, I woke up around 10.30 and just finished eating. What's wrong here is that, I'm supposed to wake up around 6.30 everyday so I can take my breakfast at 7, snack at 9 and lunch at 11.30, now, what's happening is that my breakfast and lunch and snack is 3-in-1. Oh My! how am I supposed to gain weight if it continues like this? Maybe working out is really not that effective or maybe I'm just too lazy to discipline myself. what to do? hmm..

Like what I did yesterday, I just watched "City Hunter" (it's a korean series) for 2hours and after watched another movie "Every Child Is Special", so far, second of the best movie I've ever seen :) (3 Idiots is still on top of my list).
I wanted to write a review about the movie, but I'm afraid I will just mess it up. I'm really bad at writing anything, I can't organize my thoughts and can't write it in order. sucks! whatever, anyway, maybe when I'm in the mood..later?
You see? I always jump from topic to another! this is really sickening! ^_^

Now, I'm having coffee my while listening to some kind of sad love songs early in the afternoon :)
To the rest of you. Have a great evening and good day ^___^


  1. just eat a big dessert right before you go to sleep. that's the best way to gain weight.

  2. you should write a review about the movie mai.. hehehe ^___^


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