July 23, 2011

In the World where most pretty girls are boys ^___^

Can I just Love You? :)

I've seen this video few months ago, (day after it was uploaded) the very first time I watched this video Oh my! can't get enough..can't get over it, until now..
I'm pretty sure, most of you are familiar with this one already..but you know..just wanna share what I'm doing/listening at this very moment..^___^

I so envy her ^___^ 
Enjoy ^_^


  1. i would do her... hahahahaaha.,.. kidding :D

  2. HAHAHAHAHA,,,atay.. hahaha

  3. Id hit it if I'm desperate haha. But oh wow The oens on Philippines got talent arent as good looking as him/her. What a trap. I say Well played trap boy.

  4. I loved his performance. Very pretty voice, and very passable for a tranny. :) It is true that sometimes men are better at being girls than girls ever can be. 

  5. whoa..well, maybe they are :)
    who knows? hehe..


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